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My Story

Hey there!


My name is Karen Sommers. I’m a country girl, small business owner, podcaster, and educator with VERY big dreams.


I am Obsessed with pursuing your dreams while maintaining your life.  That dream you had as a child…that is what you should be chasing, no matter how old you are! I believe that we should all have a seat at the table!


Want to start a business at 60? I am here for it! Want to learn how to ride in the rodeo? I am here for that too! Let’s live big and support each other in this amazing journey we call life!


"Self confidence is a super power. Once you start to believe in yourself, magic starts hapening." - Unknown

My Mission

At Ms. Sommers lifestyles our goal is to support, encourage and arm each dream chaser with the tools to succeed. We believe in helping others find their spot in life. We want everyone to be brave enough to call their shot, but humble enough to ask for help. We strive to create a community where we share our journey and cheer each other on.

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